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Johnny Covey Discusses How to Survive A Writing Career in this Economy

13 Aug 2011 5:49 PM | Nutschell Anne Windsor (Administrator)

Johnny Covey, author of the self-published novel “The Answer”, contacted our group and offered to speak to us. We’re always happy whenever authors offer to share their time and knowledge, and naturally we said yes.

Johnny Covey, author of The Answer

Johnny Covey is the author of The Answer and creator of The 7 Equity Extractors, a framework that unleashes each individual’s equity, that untapped potential. He is also the creator of The 8 Dexterities, an exercise that distinguishes your strengths and how to focus on them. Johnny is an inspirational speaker who has been recognized for his ability to rejuvenate an organization by creating a new level of innovation. Examples of this innovation have been featured in a book by the all time best selling business author Robert Kiyosaki, creator of the internationally acclaimed Rich Dad Poor Dad series.

You can learn more about him at

Johnny began by introducing himself and telling us about his writing journey. At the young age of 13, he had developed an interest in Real Estate. As he grew older he learned more about the real estate business, and became very successful for many years.

However, when the market collapsed a few years go, Johnny found himself without a job and without a future. This made him reflect on his own life, and on what he might do to regain the success he once add.

That’s when he came up with the book, “The Answer.”

Johnny created the book in order to help people  break through the stale, negative energy that keeps them from reaching their full potentialundefinedwhether in business or in writing.

The book is formatted like a journal,  and unlike other booksundefinedthe font is unique. The book is printed entirely in Johnny’s handwriting. He formatted the book this way to allow the reader to feel like they are the author, because they are. Readers reflect on the various questions Johnny has posed in the book, then write down their answers in the space provided therein. The interactive style of the book was designed to help the readers discover who they are, and what their potential is. Johnny hopes for people to recognize that  all of us have the answers within ourselves, if we only take time to ask the right questions.

After Johnny’s introduction, he gave us an exercise that he called “Pen Ponder”. He gave us a few minutes to answer the question “What is the next step for me?” –the next step referring to our writing careers.

To give us an example of how we can go about  finding the answers to the important questions we have regarding our writing careers, Johnny asked for a volunteer.

Johnny Covey asking Lucy questions

Lucy volunteered. She wanted find out what the next step was for her writing career (in effect, how to get published, and what to do with the books that she had written). Johnny proceeded to ask her questions. Each answer Lucy gave was followed by another related question. Johnny ended his interview with Lucy when he was satisfied that she had arrived at several useful answers to the question “what is the next step for me.”

Johnny Covey and Lucy

Johnny shared the 4 M’s of finding the answers:

1. Models – successful people/ actions we could watch from a distance. They are role models, or good examples of how we can find success.

2. Mentors – People who have achieved what we want to achieve, or a book to help us achieve the goals we’ve written down. In our case, we would need to find other successful writers who we can learn from, and read up on a lot of writing books to help us improve our craft.

3. Mastermind – A critique group or writing group that we can join. A group of like-minded people who can accompany us in our writing journey.

4. Me – In the end, we decide what we need to do to find the next step in the ladder of our success.

Johnny ended the session by asking us to answer the question “What is holding you back from your next step?”

Johnny Covey and the class

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